Conceive A Boy In Three Steps

Again, I’m not an expert (read the disclosures if you have any questions about this)- but here’s what worked for me.

1. Know your ovulation (use salvia predictor) and conceive the day of (or one day after) ovulation.

2. Know your PH (using PH testing strips) and then get in the “boy zone” using either the methods described in the very popular Alicia Pennington’s Prince Or Princess. or  Ashley Spenser’s food method

(You can easily monitor your results by continuing to use the strips.  This will tell you EXACTLY when you are at the right PH to get a baby boy. When you reach your optimum alkaline PH, then, (using the ovulation predictor) conceive the day of are the day after ovulation)

3. Use the sexual positions described in either book to get the boy sperm CLOSEST to the cervix.

Rinse and repeat until you conceive your son. Good luck! (affiliate disclosure)

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