What You Need To Conceive A Boy

In this blog, I’ll tell you my story of how I got a boy (I’m certainly not an expert, but it’s what worked for me), but if you are in a hurry, you can check out my cheat sheet (conceive a boy in three steps by clicking here.) Before I get started, I have to state again that […]

Conceive A Boy In Three Steps

Again, I’m not an expert (read the disclosures if you have any questions about this)- but here’s what worked for me. 1. Know your ovulation (use salvia predictor) and conceive the day of (or one day after) ovulation. 2. Know your PH (using PH testing strips) and then get in the “boy zone” using either […]

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The FTC requires that I disclose any connection between the products on this site and the content here.  I am not “paid to post” and I was not given money or products to make this site or submit a review.  I am, however, an affiliate of clickbank, the company that distributes the products found on […]

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